Project Pregnant at Work offers free midwifery counselling for pregnant employees. The consultations will focus on your working conditions and pregnancy. The aim is to keep you healthy and well and able to stay working until maternity leave.

We offer

  • 1 hour-consultation (you and a midwife)
  • 1 hour-consultation (you, a midwife and your employer)
  • Short follow-up calls from the midwife every month until your maternity leave

Some workplaces are already part of the project (see the list below), but you can register even though your workplace is not on the list. Just make sure your workplace is situated in Central Denmark Region.

Please call/text us with questions about the project or your registration.

Else Birkekjær Platz Lauridsen.jpg

Midwife Else Lauridsen
Tel +45 2162 7033

Rikke Engelund.jpg

Midwife Rikke Engelund
Tel +45 2162 7021

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